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Thermage CPT System

What is  Thermage: Marco Terry ?


Without surgery. "Surgery", which will help tighten skin silky smooth and proportion to solve a problem that will not turn loose of any body shape to see the young. Naturally. Without surgery or injections and little to no recuperation recuperation no.
Thermage Mark Mercer as a single treatment process. The benefits to be is treated. Outcomes that remain long without surgery or injections and little to no recuperation recuperation no.
Thermage Mark Mercer. Technology is hot. Which use radio frequency to generate heat to the skin. Heat will cause collagen fibers to relax and stretch out the life that tighten up. Heat to stimulate collagen to create a new one. This will help your skin was thick. And smooth up over time.
Principles of work and treatment procedures.
Steps to maintain the system, which Thermacool Certified Agss the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.
-  On the radio 6 MW Hirsch waiting to be sent to control the heat to the bottom layer of the skin.
-  Header sent on the frequency spectrum to send arms to place on the skin and gently lean to send radio frequency RF power strokes, each stroke is approximately 1 second long.
-  Send this head band to cool and protect the orphan film layer. Between the energy penetration into the skin through to heat the collagen fibers in the layer genuine leather. And subcutaneous fat tissue layer.
-  Every device in contact with the skin treatment you will feel cold. And feel hot from deep inside will feel more cold feeling cold continuously protect your skin. And help maintain it easier.
-  Taya will have tea before treatment.It will be pretty sore. And steps to do to take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
After treatment.Thermage
-  You will not feel pain or discomfort after the treatment.Your skin may be red, which itself will disappear within about 1 hour or skin may swell slightly.And symptoms will disappear within 1 day.
-  You can make and maintain as normal skin immediately after treatment.
-  If you do not receive any therapy.You can return to everyday life is normal now.
Feel during treatment.
When you feel the heat.You may feel some discomfort, body.
-  Heat it essential to strengthen collagen and stimulate collagen to create a new one.If you do not feel the heat.Show that the treatment process is invalid.
-  We will level you can tolerate the heat is.To reduce the sense of discomfort.And achieve the most effective treatment.
-  Throughout treatment, we will forward your question about the heat.And the level of comfort.Measurement criteria 0-4.
-  Goal is to maintain very hot between 2-2.5.Based metrics (heat - from pain but also tolerability).
To maintain security.
Thermage. Mercer CPT System software package as a way to maintain safety.Without surgery.With record high security generally to 99.8%.Side effects that may occur are not serious.Which may have such symptoms.
- Red.
- Swelling.
- Roy curve.
- Body heat a small bite mark.
- Uneven skin.This is the case, found very little.
Most side effects.Symptoms will disappear without any complications.
Thermage. Mercer CPT System software package compatible with all skin types.All through treatment Terminal software package is collagen that equation Ns Bruce was a football power changes as visible improvement will vary.Since improved slightly through much better.
Levels improved slightly mean.To strengthen and improve the skin texture was slightly elevated and firm.
Much better level.Means to tighten the skin form.And improved skin texture and noticeably observed.
·         Treatment to more natural results.First you may only notice the change.Family and friends.Of your hello that looks like you may rest fully.Or ask you whether or not weight.
·         As you improve your skin over time.To gradual changes.You will see full results in approximately 6 months.
·         Outcomes by Terry software package will continue to result in long.Who received treatment in some cases.Outcomes were reported at up to 2-3 years.
·         The duration of stay will depend on age, skin type and your life.
·         Maintain the same set time back.But do not stop time.
·         Improves wrinkles and tighten skin around the face and body.
·         Eliminate orange peel skin.Due to the accumulation of cellulite.
·         Face lift concise.
·         Lower groove cheek wrinkles.
·         Problems fall eyebrows and eyelid skin eyelid drop the crease.
·         Reduce skin wrinkles and loose turn increases smooth.
·         Minimize the waist and arms around legs.
·         Tighten hips and orange peel skin, reducing the hip and thigh.
·         In patients after a Liposuction.Make the skin smooth.
Outcome of Thermage
Outcome of Thermage
The right to treatment.
·         Slightly lower to medium skin.
·         Not too much sun damage skin.
·         Age 35-60 years (for the most effective treatment).
·         Do not want and do not think will tighten face lift surgery.
·         Mother after pregnancy.
·         After surgery and Reconstructive Surgery
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